Underground Dub Mix #1

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Subsquad Prod, here’s one hour of dark and heavy dub music to techno mixed by EthnoRado. Most tracks are available on Bandcamp if you want to support the artists !
Leruja ft. Mistah Ben – Magnitude
Mylesia – Through Time
NPK & Green TNT – Combustion
Zoonra – Yportn3
Automated Desire – Ghetto Sonata
Pracha – Welcome to London ft. KORUS
Osuri – Pavo Real
Mysticwood & Leruja – Hide
Hoofander – Blood Horizon
Masamune – Delusion
Ishiban ft. MTZx – Radical
Tetra Hydro K x Bakû x Jael – Crash Barrière
Toroki & Isayah – Dub A Gwaan
Vulgar Grooves – Entrance Plate (Woody Vibes remix)
Antxon Sagardui & Ranking Sepah – Outta Control (Bisou remix)
Mylesia – Ghost
Bisou & Jael – Speed
Tetra Hydro K x Bakû x Jael – Swarm
Ramiya – 8 – G – Dub (Bonus Track)
Karomm – Tecxhka

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